Life Around Baking

As some of you will know, as well as baking, I do have a life!

I have a gorgeous 6 year old son, who I am incredibly proud of. He is caring and loving and bright and kind, hopefully in some way due to the way we have brought him up.

My boyfriend, who puts up with a lot from me, is also brilliant, he is also a superb taste tester, however he is a dustbin when it comes to food, so even if it tastes horrible, he will eat it!

My mum tends to end up rolling her eyes at me and my dad as he now has a blog on here too! Please have a look,

My sister and her family live in Canada and my brother and his in London, so hopefully I can now use this blog to keep them slightly up to date with my son and our life seeing as we rarely seem to find time to speak!

A problem I have with “pages” on my blog is the fact that although some of the above is still obviously true, a lot has changed! So again an update is needed, the littlun is now just about 3 months from turning 8! He is obsessed with wrestling, he now loves to help in the kitchen and anything he can make, he will make! He is getting pretty good at bread and pizza dough!

The boyfriend above is no longer a boyfriend, at Xmas he asked me to marry him, so next summer we will be getting married! I don’t understand how people get so stressed about weddings, between us it’s pretty chilled, perhaps this will change, it’s just when we mention to people that we are having a pretty thrifty wedding that some people pull funny faces! But it’s our day and being able to get a mortgage pretty soon is more important to me than a dress that costs the earth and gets worn once!

This year I actually have a garden! Well, sort of. Our garden is small and paved so pots are our only option and I still have to leave space to play in!

Again an update!

The boy is almost 10, he is still wonderful and kind and sweet, he has his moments but so does everyone.

The fiance became a husband.

A baby is due in September 2016.

We live in a bigger house with a garden with grass.

Other than that, it’s all pretty much the same!


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