Little Miss Independent 

I had ideas of combining baby led weaning with purees so that the control freak in me knew how much the baby was eating and when. However, she had other ideas! She will not eat purees from a spoon, purees on the highchair are just horribly messy! And to be fair, purees are a massive faff when attempting to run a house, keep a ten year old happy and make sure the hubby doesn’t waste away! She will only eat things that she can put in her mouth, she even refuses calpol if she isn’t holding the syringe, a little awkward at 2am when I am half asleep!

The baby has tried so many things now, most met with a happy face, some met with a look on confusion and a couple met with a “why on earth would you eat that” face. After a couple more tastings though, most things are chewed on at least a little bit!

Rusk with apple to suck is popular! However it’s better if we have orange which she demolishes.

She loves banana!

Sausage casserole, minus the sausage, carrots were the best bit, they are however my least favourite thing in a casserole!

Last night was her first meat tasting, pulled pork with chips! She chewed and sucked for ages on the pork.
One thing I have realised even in the few weeks we have been giving her food to taste is that I now use even less salt than before as we just give her what we have so we add no salt at all. A change with her is that 2 weeks ago she looked at food and wasn’t that interested, now, she gets excited when she is put in her highchair and she is eating more than she was, more every day really. She’s growing up too quickly!!

She is however now waking up, so off I go!


Centre Parcs

Half term has been far too short this time around! The hubby had a week off which is amazing! The first weekend was spent at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest. I love this place!

The baby has a giraffe toy which seems to have become a bit of a favourite recently. In all honestly, the best bit I’d the label, she seems a tad obsessed and has spent a lot of time chewing it!

Food seems to be an ace way to keep ehr entertained whilst I actually get to eat meals with two hands for the first time in months! Thank goodness for washing machines! She has been covered in all sorts, above is weetabix, she didn’t eat any, but as you can see she made a right mess!

Her first go on a swing! She fell asleep….it can’t have been all that exciting, but it was beyond cute.

She has the cutest swimming costume, it’s a finding nemo one, absolutely love it! Anyway, Centre Parcs was lovely, she loved swimming, not into being splashed by people around her, but enjoyed it up until the splashing! She slept through us playing pool. She slept through me winning at bowling (this NEVER happens)!! She slept through us playing crazy golf…this makes it sound like she did a lot of sleeping! But I’m pretty sure her first holiday was a success, we had lots of smiling and giggling.

Bread making whilst Babywearing!

As he left for work this morning, I stupidly asked the hubby what he fancied for dinner tonight, the only stipulation was that it needs to use up some of the random vegetables we seem to have in the fridge today, his casual response was “Just make a loaf of bread and some soup.” The soup is easy enough, bread, until today, I hadn’t tried since having the wee one. I have now kneaded, one handed a batch of dough, possibly the worst ever kneaded dough I’ve made! I just now need to dice a load of vegetables, knock the dough back, shape, rise it again, bake it and cook the soup, all whilst attempting to pack for a weekend away, and feeding the teeny one, keeping the house clean etc. Today will feel like a success if the loaf of bread happens, if not, a late dinner with bread the hubby picks up on his way home is on the cards!!

I wore her in her sling, on my hip, this definitely made it easier but I still only had one hand to mix and knead! We opted for a simple white loaf as there is the least that can go wrong with that! I hope….

Porridge Puddles

She was awake at the boy’s breakfast time today! So the hubby was made to get up so we could have a family breakfast for once! I’ve read various different opinions as to how food should be introduced to babies, one new flavour every 4 days, only food at one meal to begin with, give them what you like when it suits you, etc etc etc. I feel I may be heading towards the what you like when it suits path. Realistically with a boy who leaves at 8.20am and a husband who leaves at 8.40am, some days she isn’t awake, others she’s not had her wake up feed, however some days she’s up and ready to roll. Today was one of those days. She woke up at 6.40, had a feed and was in her highchair with porridge puddles and a couple of spoons to play with. I didn’t bother with bibs this morning, why add to my already huge pile of washing when she’s getting dressed as soon as she’s done!

It started off pretty civilised, there are no photos of the end result, but after passing her a few spoonfuls I gave her a puddle of sticky porridge which she smashed and squished between her fingers, rubbed in her eyes and mushed into her hair. 

I would love to know how much she was eating, but she’s still having full milk feeds so it doesn’t matter, it’s just exploring and playing for her. I can see why babies need baths every day, she’s a bit crusty with porridge in one eyebrow at the moment, it’s a good job we have lots of face cloths as I feel we may be needing them!

Valentines Day

My hubby and I don’t really do Valentines Day, I feel it’s a bit of a commercialised thing from card manufacturers and shops that sell you all the tacky things you can get. This probably makes me seem really old and grumpy, I’m not, I just refuse to be told by society that on a day in February I should love my husband more than any other day. For me, the important days are the anniversary of us initially dating, and our wedding anniversary, our children’s birthdays, our birthdays and Christmas.  Valentines Day is an absolute swizz. However, I saw this whilst skimming the Internet, with the baby napping yet again on my knee (not asleep enough to move her, but she’s grumpy so needs the sleep to shift her cold!), it made me think of him, the man in my life, my wonderful husband who puts up with everything and always eventually gets round to reading my blog!! So anyway, Happy Valentines Day hubby, roll on a romantic meal which I will eat with the kids and he will eat on his own when he finally gets home from work, sausage and mash is romantic right?! 

Broccoli, Baby and Burbling 

The teeny one in this house is no longer content to wiggle on the floor or sit on someone’s knee while we eat, she has her hands in your plate or screams at you from the floor or her highchair with an accusing look! Some people would call it baby led weaning, to be fair, it just seems like sensory play with things that won’t harm her if she puts them in her mouth, gets them in her hair and spreads them anywhere she can reach! 

Today, broccoli was the name of the game! 

It squishes so well! Lots went on her face and on her clothes, a small amount got gummed and eaten, most of it actually stayed on the highchair! To be fair, this amazed me!! She did however need an almost complete change of clothes, but who cares, it washes!

She was so happy with herself and the mess she made, however, it was tiring work, so a snuggled, a feed and a nap were needed straight after. The nap gave me chance to tidy up her mess, I forgot how messy a baby with food is, however the boy was weaned younger and fed hundreds of purees. With this one I hope it will all just fall into place! Call it baby led, call it what you like, she will be given bits and bobs to squish and squash and see what happens, she loves playing with a spoon, so sometimes a puree on a spoon will be her choice of weapon! But I won’t be shoving any of it down her neck, if she wants something she can work it out…that’s the theory anyway! 

Shower gel + buttons + zip lock bag = an interesting bag of gloop!

Shower gel + buttons + zip lock bag = an interesting bag of gloop!

I didn’t think of sensory bags when our son was little, Pinterest didn’t exist and it wasn’t something I even thought of! However, we have a pack of zip lock bags, I have pinned lots of things on Pinterest and I am hoping to try out as many as I can! Many are very like each other, shower gel type liquid and various hard, plastic items to feel and touch, inside a zip lock bag so that they cannot actually get hold of them. My son thinks they are ace, he is 10, the little one squashes things and looks a tad confused but is more interested in them by the day.

Our first sensory bag was shower gel and buttons (I have an enormous box of buttons, an even bigger box than my mum has now I think!). 

I have since discovered that the colour comes off some of my buttons over time, but inside a bag it doesn’t matter, thank goodness.

I have to admit the idea of sensory bags felt a little ridiculous to begin with (one of those things other people blog about to make themselves look good, like perfect parents), the little one is quite happy rolling around the floor most of the time, but in the last couple of weeks she has become more and more interested in actually playing, it’s fascinating how much babies change, tomorrow she will be 5 months old and she is so much more nosey now than she was even a week ago. So, that being said, being able to play with other things, made from things we have around our house anyway is lovely and completely fits with the way we like to do things in this house. Either that, or I’m desperately trying to find things to fill our days while the boy is at school and the husband is at work!

We have also done painting in a zip lock bag and a couple of other lovely concoctions, but they will be another blog post….