Scrabble biscuits

For Christmas we aim to only buy useful or edible things, this year, one of my presents was a scrabble biscuits cutter set. I haven’t managed to bake much since having the teeny one, but she happily sat in her highchair with a couple of time while I rolled out and printed the biscuits. Granted, I had made the dough the day before and hadn’t managed to find time to roll it out and make them.

They are crunchy and nice, the recipe is simple, the cutting out and printing is the thing that took time, but they are fun and the boy is happy to practice spellings with them!


90g butter

140g caster sugar

1 egg

200g plain flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Clean together the butter and sugar.

2. Beat in the egg and vanilla, then stir in the flour until it’s all combined.

3. Chill the dough in cling film in the fridge for an hour.

4. Preheat oven to 200c.

5. Roll out the dough to 5-10mm thick then cut out using cookie cutters. Bake for 10-12 minutes.
I was hoping to make a new heading picture for this blog, but my son has nabbed all the useful letters! Maybe next time.


A Gingerbread Hobbit Hole

My partner and son are both OBSESSED with the hobbit! We actually had tantrums as we couldn’t see it on release day! So it seemed only fitting that instead of a bog standard gingerbread house, ours needed that little something extra….

Mind you, it took hours and was propped up firstly molding the roof and then sticking it all together. I also dread to think how much icing is on there! I made 3 egg whites worth of royal icing….so that’s 750g of sugar! And a whole bag of Murray mints for the path! The recipe this time came from here. It was perfectly nice, not quite as nice as the one from a couple of posts ago.
Anyway, a good couple of hours icing all the dwarves and Gandalf and Bilbo with the help of my partner and I uve to say I we pretty proud! I now don’t want it eating!!

The Tigger Cake

The Tigger Cake

Yet again, my plan of posting more regularly didn’t happen, surprise surprise! However, as wonderful as my partner is, he is a nerd and sometimes the amount of Star Trek and The Walking Dead we have on our tv kills me, so tonight I have been relegated to our spare room with the choice of painting an army, building an army…or digging out my pc. I went for that option, so am currently squished in a corner, my feet are tingling and my legs are going dead due to lack of circulation! However,  it does mean that I am writing this…my first post in far too long!

Anyway, last month was my best friend’s birthday and as she is amazing, we went back to Nottingham for her birthday party, and because she is also a baker, I made her a cake, she also loves Tigger. So I made a Tigger for her cake, stupidly I made this in my house…so then had to drive back to Nottingham with it in a box padded out with kitchen paper!

wpid-IMAG2782.jpg wpid-IMAG2783.jpg

This was the process, it involved a lot of spaghetti and orange food colouring paste! However, the result was worth it:
wpid-IMAG2855.jpg wpid-IMAG2860.jpg

Since this, not a lot of baking has happened, apart from the obvious mince pies, mince pie cakes (last year’s are here) and today I made gingerbread men (this recipe) (and also not just men, women, girls and boys too!), however they do need icing still, although I am not sure they will last that long, the mince pies especially! I think Christmas is my favourite time of year to bake.

wpid-IMAG2949.jpg wpid-IMAG2948.jpg wpid-IMAG2947.jpg

The little one helped with the mince pies….but personally, I like that he wants to help, even if I end up with more awkward washing up in the process!
Also, this year I am going to make a yule log rather than a Christmas cake, if I find time that is! I hope I do! I am attempting to be stupidly organised, the carrots are already parboiled and frozen, and by the end of the weekend the same will be true of the potatoes and the stuffing balls will be made! Fingers crossed xmas will be simple this year and full of playing with the little ones new toys and drinking far too much mulled wine!

Heston Blumenthal’s Cookies


Today is my boyfriend’s mum’s birthday, I hate buying people presents, always feel a tad impersonal, so this gave me an excuse to bake! I kept on wanting to make cookies from the  Heston Blumenthal at Home recipe book, so yesterday I did. I made:


Chocolate chip cookies


Golden syrup cookies


Banana and bacon cookies

All of then are yummy! A little unimpressed by the banana and bacon ones, but they are all true cookies, crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle!

Rocky Road – Pud Style :)

Having a six year old means a lot of things at Christmas, but the most annoying bit for me is the amount of chocolate we end up with! My boyfriend doesn’t particularly like the stuff, I hate it being around because it’s too tempting to leave, and to get rid of it all, my son would only eat chocolate for about 3 months, and by then it’s Easter! So to fill a boring Sunday afternoon when the weather was typically British and shocking, we made rocky road, well, kind of! I made the little man peel the wrappers off hundreds of chocolate santas and coins and balls and goodness knows what else! We searched through the rest of the Christmas sweets and found and random ones and any he wasn’t keen on. Melted the chocolate, chopped the sweets up, added dried apple pieces, raisins, broken biscuits, chopped up marshmallows and some cornflakes for good measure! Squished it all into a tin and put it in the fridge! Somehow, having a massive chunk of this felt less naughty than eating a single chocolate coin! It was so yummy!! And the best bit was getting to lick chocolate off the spoon at the end, it’s just a shame I have to share that pleasure with my son now!!

2013-03-04 11.06.18

Littlun’s Gingerbread Train

My sister sent me a brilliant parcel, granted it was about a fortnight ago, but I have been terrible at updating my blog recently!! In it was a huge range of piping nozzles that were my grandma’s, I haven’t had chance to use any of them yet, but I will do soon! Even better than that, she sent a gingerbread train for my little man. In the box were masses of sweets and icing and a whole train! I think I was just as excited as my son really!. This was stage one (we felt we should do it in stages so that it hopefully wouldn’t collapse under the weight of the sweets!)

2013-02-23 18.34.58

I have to admit we were pretty rubbish at building it! It used a keck of a lot of icing…and then we added sweets!

2013-02-24 20.07.45

I am hoping my big sis will shoy her daughter this next photo as with the train we got a letter instructing my son that he had to get me to do an icing moustache on him, which I did (with added sweets too!)

2013-02-24 20.07.13

All in all he was very proud of his train, and it tastes pretty good too. He has taken large amounts in his lunch box (I am sure much to the school’s disgust, but who cares!)

2013-02-24 20.08.06

Heston Blumenthal’s Chocolate Biscuits


I love cooking! And so for Christmas I asked for Heston Blumenthal’s new recipe book. The first thing I have managed to find time to make is these chocolate biscuits. For Heston it is an incredibly simple recipe, but sometimes the simplest are the best! They are scrummy, crumbly but crunchy and crisp. Something I will be making again definitely!