Little Miss Independent 

I had ideas of combining baby led weaning with purees so that the control freak in me knew how much the baby was eating and when. However, she had other ideas! She will not eat purees from a spoon, purees on the highchair are just horribly messy! And to be fair, purees are a massive faff when attempting to run a house, keep a ten year old happy and make sure the hubby doesn’t waste away! She will only eat things that she can put in her mouth, she even refuses calpol if she isn’t holding the syringe, a little awkward at 2am when I am half asleep!

The baby has tried so many things now, most met with a happy face, some met with a look on confusion and a couple met with a “why on earth would you eat that” face. After a couple more tastings though, most things are chewed on at least a little bit!

Rusk with apple to suck is popular! However it’s better if we have orange which she demolishes.

She loves banana!

Sausage casserole, minus the sausage, carrots were the best bit, they are however my least favourite thing in a casserole!

Last night was her first meat tasting, pulled pork with chips! She chewed and sucked for ages on the pork.
One thing I have realised even in the few weeks we have been giving her food to taste is that I now use even less salt than before as we just give her what we have so we add no salt at all. A change with her is that 2 weeks ago she looked at food and wasn’t that interested, now, she gets excited when she is put in her highchair and she is eating more than she was, more every day really. She’s growing up too quickly!!

She is however now waking up, so off I go!


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