Centre Parcs

Half term has been far too short this time around! The hubby had a week off which is amazing! The first weekend was spent at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest. I love this place!

The baby has a giraffe toy which seems to have become a bit of a favourite recently. In all honestly, the best bit I’d the label, she seems a tad obsessed and has spent a lot of time chewing it!

Food seems to be an ace way to keep ehr entertained whilst I actually get to eat meals with two hands for the first time in months! Thank goodness for washing machines! She has been covered in all sorts, above is weetabix, she didn’t eat any, but as you can see she made a right mess!

Her first go on a swing! She fell asleep….it can’t have been all that exciting, but it was beyond cute.

She has the cutest swimming costume, it’s a finding nemo one, absolutely love it! Anyway, Centre Parcs was lovely, she loved swimming, not into being splashed by people around her, but enjoyed it up until the splashing! She slept through us playing pool. She slept through me winning at bowling (this NEVER happens)!! She slept through us playing crazy golf…this makes it sound like she did a lot of sleeping! But I’m pretty sure her first holiday was a success, we had lots of smiling and giggling.


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