Porridge Puddles

She was awake at the boy’s breakfast time today! So the hubby was made to get up so we could have a family breakfast for once! I’ve read various different opinions as to how food should be introduced to babies, one new flavour every 4 days, only food at one meal to begin with, give them what you like when it suits you, etc etc etc. I feel I may be heading towards the what you like when it suits path. Realistically with a boy who leaves at 8.20am and a husband who leaves at 8.40am, some days she isn’t awake, others she’s not had her wake up feed, however some days she’s up and ready to roll. Today was one of those days. She woke up at 6.40, had a feed and was in her highchair with porridge puddles and a couple of spoons to play with. I didn’t bother with bibs this morning, why add to my already huge pile of washing when she’s getting dressed as soon as she’s done!

It started off pretty civilised, there are no photos of the end result, but after passing her a few spoonfuls I gave her a puddle of sticky porridge which she smashed and squished between her fingers, rubbed in her eyes and mushed into her hair. 

I would love to know how much she was eating, but she’s still having full milk feeds so it doesn’t matter, it’s just exploring and playing for her. I can see why babies need baths every day, she’s a bit crusty with porridge in one eyebrow at the moment, it’s a good job we have lots of face cloths as I feel we may be needing them!


2 thoughts on “Porridge Puddles

  1. It’s crazy how many different recommendations there are in regards to feeding baby solids! We just went with what we were comfortable with. šŸ˜›

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