Bread making whilst Babywearing!

As he left for work this morning, I stupidly asked the hubby what he fancied for dinner tonight, the only stipulation was that it needs to use up some of the random vegetables we seem to have in the fridge today, his casual response was “Just make a loaf of bread and some soup.” The soup is easy enough, bread, until today, I hadn’t tried since having the wee one. I have now kneaded, one handed a batch of dough, possibly the worst ever kneaded dough I’ve made! I just now need to dice a load of vegetables, knock the dough back, shape, rise it again, bake it and cook the soup, all whilst attempting to pack for a weekend away, and feeding the teeny one, keeping the house clean etc. Today will feel like a success if the loaf of bread happens, if not, a late dinner with bread the hubby picks up on his way home is on the cards!!

I wore her in her sling, on my hip, this definitely made it easier but I still only had one hand to mix and knead! We opted for a simple white loaf as there is the least that can go wrong with that! I hope….


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