Valentines Day

My hubby and I don’t really do Valentines Day, I feel it’s a bit of a commercialised thing from card manufacturers and shops that sell you all the tacky things you can get. This probably makes me seem really old and grumpy, I’m not, I just refuse to be told by society that on a day in February I should love my husband more than any other day. For me, the important days are the anniversary of us initially dating, and our wedding anniversary, our children’s birthdays, our birthdays and Christmas.  Valentines Day is an absolute swizz. However, I saw this whilst skimming the Internet, with the baby napping yet again on my knee (not asleep enough to move her, but she’s grumpy so needs the sleep to shift her cold!), it made me think of him, the man in my life, my wonderful husband who puts up with everything and always eventually gets round to reading my blog!! So anyway, Happy Valentines Day hubby, roll on a romantic meal which I will eat with the kids and he will eat on his own when he finally gets home from work, sausage and mash is romantic right?! 


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