Broccoli, Baby and Burbling 

The teeny one in this house is no longer content to wiggle on the floor or sit on someone’s knee while we eat, she has her hands in your plate or screams at you from the floor or her highchair with an accusing look! Some people would call it baby led weaning, to be fair, it just seems like sensory play with things that won’t harm her if she puts them in her mouth, gets them in her hair and spreads them anywhere she can reach! 

Today, broccoli was the name of the game! 

It squishes so well! Lots went on her face and on her clothes, a small amount got gummed and eaten, most of it actually stayed on the highchair! To be fair, this amazed me!! She did however need an almost complete change of clothes, but who cares, it washes!

She was so happy with herself and the mess she made, however, it was tiring work, so a snuggled, a feed and a nap were needed straight after. The nap gave me chance to tidy up her mess, I forgot how messy a baby with food is, however the boy was weaned younger and fed hundreds of purees. With this one I hope it will all just fall into place! Call it baby led, call it what you like, she will be given bits and bobs to squish and squash and see what happens, she loves playing with a spoon, so sometimes a puree on a spoon will be her choice of weapon! But I won’t be shoving any of it down her neck, if she wants something she can work it out…that’s the theory anyway! 


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