Shower gel + buttons + zip lock bag = an interesting bag of gloop!

I didn’t think of sensory bags when our son was little, Pinterest didn’t exist and it wasn’t something I even thought of! However, we have a pack of zip lock bags, I have pinned lots of things on Pinterest and I am hoping to try out as many as I can! Many are very like each other, shower gel type liquid and various hard, plastic items to feel and touch, inside a zip lock bag so that they cannot actually get hold of them. My son thinks they are ace, he is 10, the little one squashes things and looks a tad confused but is more interested in them by the day.

Our first sensory bag was shower gel and buttons (I have an enormous box of buttons, an even bigger box than my mum has now I think!). 

I have since discovered that the colour comes off some of my buttons over time, but inside a bag it doesn’t matter, thank goodness.

I have to admit the idea of sensory bags felt a little ridiculous to begin with (one of those things other people blog about to make themselves look good, like perfect parents), the little one is quite happy rolling around the floor most of the time, but in the last couple of weeks she has become more and more interested in actually playing, it’s fascinating how much babies change, tomorrow she will be 5 months old and she is so much more nosey now than she was even a week ago. So, that being said, being able to play with other things, made from things we have around our house anyway is lovely and completely fits with the way we like to do things in this house. Either that, or I’m desperately trying to find things to fill our days while the boy is at school and the husband is at work!

We have also done painting in a zip lock bag and a couple of other lovely concoctions, but they will be another blog post….


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