I last blogged in June…OOPS!

In June when I last posted I was 27 weeks pregnant, I now have a beautiful baby girl who is almost 5 months old! We have just started playing with sensory bags, zip lock bags are amazing, she rolls miles a day and doesn’t stop babbling!

My dad suggested I should restart my blog, again, I do this regularly and it never sticks, who knows though, I have an android phone this time so in theory posting should be easier, I spend quite a bit of time snuggled up with a sleeping baby so the opportunity is there for me to actually get on with this! 

I have to admit, I’m not sure I will blog about, I guess I hope I will document the teeny one, the things we get up to, the things we play and eat, even if for no reason other than so that in years to come I can look back and see that we did things! There are so many blogs about being a parent, I end up on lots due to searching for things to do and make on Pinterest, normally at 3am when she wakes up for a quick feed, I guess mine will blend into the background with the rest of these, but for me, it will be a record and a reminder.

Anyway, she is beautiful, 6lb 12oz at birth, it was almost one of those births people dream of, 1 hour in hospital, some gas and air and there she was. Unfortunately she was small compared to her big brother so we had to stay in overnight, otherwise we would have been out that night! She was born at 10pm on the dot, exactly the same time as our boy, slightly creepy! She was 5 days late, however a bit of mushroom foraging and the kicking of a football definitely encouraged her arrival! Her big brother thinks she is amazing and has done from the second she got home. 

It has been an adventure, she’s breastfed, I feel so lucky that it’s been pretty easy and she just gets on with it. We use cloth nappies and I’m glad we made that choice, it doesn’t suit everyone but it suits us. I carry her about in a sling or a carrier, we cosleep when she’s being a pain in the bum and decides she won’t stay asleep in her cot! However, we now have our room a bit warmer and (touch wood) she has been sleeping much better. It seems she’s just not a fan of being a bit chilly! We all bow to her needs and she is the centre of our household, even her big brother doesn’t like to share her and wants cuddles at every opportunity, he isn’t bored of her yet!

Anyway, she’s nodded off, I need to make dinner, tonight it’s omelette as I couldn’t think what to make.


One thought on “I last blogged in June…OOPS!

  1. Congratulations!
    “We all bow to her needs and she is the centre of our household” – lol, I had my newest little one in June and we are the same way with her!! ^_^

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