27 weeks!


So this is 27 weeks pregnant! I have to admit I don’t remember it from the first time around, it was so long ago, the boy is almost 10! I remember feeling like the size of a house last time, but I also remember slightly milking being pregnant and doing as little as possible, I don’t have that option this time, life goes on! My husband is incredibly over protective, but it’s kind of sweet, it’s nice to know he cares!
I seriously am not looking forward to this feeling though. (I saw it and it made me smile though!)


I don’t have time for things to get in the way! I moved a couple of weeks ago, I helped empty a friends house the other day, I’m not exactly good at stopping and sitting down! Some days, sitting down to write a blog post is the only time I stop all day, it’s the reality of adult life.
Today I am avoiding going to the shops, (I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so the car will be out to drive me up to the local hospital, no point wasting fuel to go out today as well), this probably means pasta for dinner, but goodness knows what will go with it! I may even make pasta, crack out the pasta maker and spend an afternoon rolling out pasta.
Today I also have tomato plants to pot up still, and pepper plants, cucumbers, courgettes and squashes. Goodness knows where some of them are going to go! I will find space though, I always used to when we just had a pot garden, so now we have more space and a fair bit of actual soil to plant in, it should be a doddle! I have managed to plant out some of my herbs that looked fed up with being in pots, but the lemon balm and mint will stay in pots, I don’t want them taking over! Other than that, hopefully most things will fit in nice and easily. Today isn’t quite as warm as it has been, so I may manage to spend more than 15 minutes outside without being far too hot!
Anyway, the husband took the boy to school, so I should make the most of the extra half hour I have and go and start on everything I need to do!


One thought on “27 weeks!

  1. Haha! I definitely walk away from things these days (37w3d) or I try to use claw toes to grab whatever I dropped! šŸ˜‰

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