This Sums Up Me And This Morning Perfectly!!

This post started out called something different, but then I saw this, and my husband will agree, that right there, is me right now! I feel some days he is glad to go to work just to get away from me!

Anyway, my original post reads something like this:

This morning, the husband didn’t get up on time, he is one of those who lies in bed some days and looks at his phone and the useless junk that is on it until he really has to get up for work! The boy was just being a little bit dense…and I just couldn’t be bothered with it all! However, since the move, the husband is able to walk our boy to school on his way to the train station, on days like today that is brilliant. How this relates to homemade being annoying I shall now explain, we had no leftovers in the fridge, a fact I told the husband last night, after which I told him he would have to get up and make a sandwich for his lunch, I may be a housewife, but I am not his slave, he is perfectly capable of getting out of bed five minutes early and making some lunch! However, he didn’t, I made his sandwich, thus using the last of our bread, which now means my morning will be spent making bread, a job I really don’t want to do today, and goodness knows what I will have for lunch as we now have no bread and I am not putting the oven on until this evening when I can cook dinner and some kind of cake related thing in it too! Sometimes a slight rant is all you need! And the boys are normally good, it was just one of those “first day back after half term” mornings which make you need a nice cup of tea…which I can’t really have as decaff tea just tastes funny and I have a bump which tells me drinking caffeine is bad. At least it is sunny, something I’m pretty sure half of us good old brits will be complaining about by lunch time when it is a little bit too warm for our liking and so we hide inside wishing it would be a little bit cooler! So, today will consist of washing, cleaning, hoovering, bread baking, cake/biscuit making, dinner making, tea drinking and possibly an occasional sit down! I sounds like I’m complaining, but this life was a choice, one a lot don’t get to make, so I will make the most of it, even on the days when I want to scream before 8.30am!!


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