Gnocchi Gnocchi Everywhere!

A couple of nights ago, we had mashed potato at dinner, my husband makes the BEST mashed potato, so I cooked loads of potatoes with the plan of making a cottage pie one night, however, a sleepy boy has meant we avoided going out today and we haven’t yet restocked our freezer with meat yet since the move. So, this means no cottage pie for tea, however, there is no way on earth I was going to throw away the mashed potato that was in our fridge. This called for only one thing, gnocchi for tea! It’s a good job we all like it, as there was a lot of mashed potato, therefore, a lot of gnocchi was made.

Gnocchi is simple.


1. Weigh your mashed potato.

2, Add half the weight of mashed potato in plain flour.

3. Mix and knead this until it forms a dough, add an egg. If you have a lot of mash you will need more than one egg. You need a relatively firm dough, so that you can roll it easily. I tend to aim for something similar to scone dough texture.

4. Add any flavourings you want, today we added mixed fresh herbs from the garden to one batch and grated cheese to the other.

5. Roll the gnocchi dough into a sausage and slice into pieces around a centimetre thick.


Herb gnocchi


Cheddar gnocchi

6. Bring to the boil a large pan of water. Add some gnocchi, it tends to be better to cook in batches as too many in the pan just gets awkward.

7. Once the gnocchi rises to the top of the pan, scoop it out and drain it. Repeat the cooking until you have enough.

8. Toss in the sauce of your choice, tonight we will be having a combination of some in just butter and cheese and some in red pesto.


Today, the boy and I made LOTS of gnocchi, so we are freezing a large proportion of it, we lay them on trays so that they all freeze individually and them bag them up together once they are frozen. They cook slightly more slowly once frozen but the process is exactly the same, just wait until they rise to the surface, drain, coat in sauce and serve.

You can make crispy gnocchi, this involves frying it once it is cooked, then covering it in sauce, I will probably try that with some of the gnocchi we have frozen as I haven’t tried it before.


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