Birds Of A Feather Flock Together


Great tits sat sunning themselves on our wall

Today the wind is howling down the chimney, the sky is grey and it looks just a little bit miserable! The boy is shattered, he didn’t wake up until 9am which is completely unheard of and is now back in bed reading after a big bowl of porridge and a cup of hot Ribena. However, on Saturday, the weather was lovely, fluffy white clouds and a blue sky for most of the day. This gave me the opportunity to figure out where I will put the bird feeder in our garden, along the back fence, where we will be able to see it from the living room, kitchen, our room and the boy’s room, perfect!

Anyway, sat having a cup of tea in our living room I was able to sit and watch the birds, which even without a bird feeder up, we  get in our garden. This amazes me as we had very few birds in our old garden, our boy loves birds, he watches them whenever he gets the chance! My parents are coming to visit soon and are bringing their binoculars for him to try, that might be a birthday present sorted for him! I was especially excited this weekend by the great tits sat on our wall sunning themselves, there were 4 sat there for a good half hour and another that kept flitting back now and again.


A male house sparrow stood on our fence

We get what I assume are a few pairs of sparrows in our garden, I don’t actually know if they live in groups or pairs or what, but we get anywhere between 1 and 6 in our garden at any one time. They come really close, actually right underneath our patio window, probably getting insects from around it, they seem absolutely fearless!


Two buzzards circling (not visible but I promise they were there!)

You can’t see anything in this photo above, but with the naked eye you could see that there were two buzzards circling above the fields behind the house.


A great tit sat on our washing line

This was one of the group of great tits which sat on our wall, as the others left, it sat on our washing line, and then flew off with the others.

The woodpecker came back the other afternoon, but I haven’t yet managed to get a photo, the camera on my phone takes so long to turn on that by the time it is on the birds have generally gone! We had 3 blue tits sat on the forsythia in the sun at some point as well!


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