Griddle Scones

happiness is homemade

My husband actually has a bank holiday Monday off for once! Unfortunately the boy is still on cub camp until tonight so we couldn’t have a family breakfast, this did however mean that we could have a lie in, not that it was much for me, I was awake and up by 8.30, an hour and a half later than normal so I guess I can’t really complain. However, we have no bread, I really need to make some, I just haven’t been in a bread making mood, so we made griddle scones to go with out bacon, eggs and beans this morning. I’d never made them before as I’ve always just made normal scones and chucked them in the oven. However, these are pretty nice, and don’t involve an oven, and all in all were pretty simple!

It’s a be-ro recipe, I love my be-ro book, my mum bought me, my sister and my brother each one as we left home, mine now looks very sad and is completely over used! Anyway, the recipe is here, I feel they may become a quick fix when there is no bread made in the house!

They made a perfect start to our day filled with wall drilling, yet more box moving and finally taking the final few random cleaning bits from our old house, just your average bank holiday Monday I guess!



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