Kickin’ Garlic Sauce

When we go out as a family and end up eating at the Harvester grill near us, I always choose the kickin’ garlic sauce as my dip, even more so since being pregnant, it is so tasty, full of garlic and the heat from chilli it is perfect with chicken. Last night for dinner we had steak and chips, and I made a range of garlic filled dips and sauces to go with it, garlic filled as the boy isn’t a fan but is currently on cub camp! I attempted to make something similar to the sauce I love so much from Harvester and it turned out pretty well.


5 Cloves garlic, finely chopped or minced

2tbsp Olive oil

2tsp Lemon juice

1tsp finely chopped soft herb (I used lemon balm as we have masses of the stuff! but parsley or oregano, probably most softer herbs would be nice too)

Chilli to taste (I cheated and used a habanero sauce I had in the fridge)


Whisk together the oil and lemon juice until they combine and thicken slightly, then add everything else! As simple as that, I made it in advance so that the flavours all mixed together and I couldn’t get enough of it, perfect with steak and chips!


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