I Finally Found My Laptop Charger!!

So, a lot has happened since my last post, and the last time I said I was going to try and post more regularly! Significantly, we moved a week ago, into a house that actually has space for us and all of our stuff, it also has a view like this out of the back!13260262_10156921106160258_55477693689924794_nHowever, in the move I lost my laptop charger, so all the baking I’ve actually done since we moved will be posted over the next few days now I have finally found it!




The bump is steadily growing, this was just before the move so almost 25 weeks (I’m 26 weeks tomorrow, yay!)





Back to the new house, my husband actually gardened! This is significant as he is happy to eat anything I grow and happy to point out pretty flowers when I’ve done all the work, but he actually ran a mower round and then did the edges of the beds for me so that I can transfer some of my plants in pots into the ground finally! It has however rained pretty much constantly since this so nothing has progressed much. I have decided living backing onto fields is much more interesting than backing onto a train line though, so far, we have had sparrows, blue tits, coal tits, blackbirds, a woodpecker and another bird that I wasn’t quite sure what it was! we also found a chafer beetle grub!

chafer beetle grub

Tomorrow the boy goes on cub camp, so today is being spent making biscuits for him to take and packing his bag. I’ve also made a cake to see what the oven does to it, meringues may happen as I have an egg white in the fridge, but so far I haven’t found the piping bag and nozzle I would use so that may not happen!



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