Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake

The plan was to post daily, again, this failed, to be honest I haven’t had very much to say! However, I feel I should write something, even if only because if I don’t it will end up being 6 months or more again! In reality it would be longer than that as by that time this bump will be a baby and I feel we may be a tad busy!

I have actually baked recently, chocolate éclairs, because they are now a pretty standard thing to have in this house, and a white chocolate and strawberry cake from a Great British Bake Off recipe book I have.2016-17-4--20-33-12I don’t really know that I would have known it had white chocolate in it, but it was perfectly nice, and the orange syrup on the sliced strawberries was lovely.

Cooking failed again recently, we’ve had a take away and two ready meals in the past week, which I hate, but I didn’t plan anything, the husband had a week off and we were really good and cooked together lots, he then went back to work and the cooking just didn’t happen. However, last night and tonight the boy helped me and after complaining about a Cajun mix of spices I put on some potato wedges last night, he put the same combination of spices on our chicken tonight, children make no sense!

This week is our 20 week scan, controversially we aren’t finding out the sex, more because the husband doesn’t want to know than anything else, I’m not too fussed, if we know we know, if we don’t, we don’t, we can’t exactly change it now anyway!

That truly is as exciting as the last week has been, blimey, we need to get out more!




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