Nigel Slater’s Belly and Beans

I have never made a Nigel Slater recipe in my life, however, for christmas I was bought The Kitchen Diaries 3, A Year Of Good Eating, I would have made many recipes from this book by now if it hadn’t been for the whole food making me feel appauling thing. Now though, we will see what his recipes are like, I think I always imagined them to be a bit pretencious, but then I own a Heston Blumenthal book and he is nothing but and I love some of his recipes! I have this worrying feeling the boy may pull funny faces at dinner, he is going to be faced with a plate full of cannellini beans, belly pork and cabbage, for this I will appologise to him, he isn’t the greatest cabbage fan and he always complains about belly pork if it hasn’t been cooked for hours and hours to make a pork vindaloo. However, he will try it as he always does and will probably eat it as he knows we don’t have anything else made! Except I guess there may be a couple of left over homemade chicken nuggets, but that isn’t much of a dinner for a growing boy.

I have to admit I have one issue with Nigel Slater’s recipe book, it doesn’t have pictures next to every recipe! I very much am enticed to try recipes by the shiny, pretty picture that normally goes along side the recipe, but in this book they aren’t always there, however, belly and beans sounded nice, cheap, simple, something I could bung in the oven and wait for the husband to get home. Also, it just so happens to actually be in the March section of this book, so maybe for once I am cooking something for dinner that is actually aimed at this time of year, when the weather cannot make up it’s mind as to whether it is spring, summer or winter!

Anyway, I have had cannellini soaking overnight, they now need boiling until cooked, then on to the onions, pork belly and cabbage. Then to shove them all together and hope they are edible, if not, it may be sandwiches for dinner!!


Well, it was a success! Incredibly filling, but also incredibly tasty, the boy ate it! The husband had seconds and I didn’t finish what I gave myself to start with, a massive case of eyes bigger than stomach.


I would definitely make this again, and it makes me more confident that potentially Nigel Slater’s recipes may be good, I will just have to try more and find out. It was perfect for the weather yesterday also, by dinner time it was raining and pretty chilly after a massive hail storm. It has now been raining most of the night and is miserable and grey, so my washing will get hung up in the kitchen instead of outside, I will attempt to decide what to make for food today, I think it may be chicken noodle soup for which I will wrap myself up and trudge round the corner in my beloved snow boots to pick up what we don’t have. Today was supposed to be shopping day, I had been very organised and bought everything I needed up until today, not thinking about the fact that today is Bank Holiday Monday and the husband is off work, so possibly not quite as organised as I thought I was!


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