The Way To Make My Husband Happy – Homemade Beef Jerky

There are very few things that are made in this household that are not shared with others, gladly and happily I will bake 2016-27-3--11-55-57
and share anything I make, however, jerky is a completely different kettle of fish! Homemade beef jerky is the ultimate treat in this house, I make it simply with a tiny bit of salt and pepper on, no rubs, no faffing, just decent steak and a bit of home ground salt and pepper. I possibly over dry my jerky through fear of it not preserving properly, I don’t want to get over excited, take it out of the dehydrator early and end up with a mouldy pile of uselessness a few days later. This is rump steak in this case, it was on offer so we stocked up, having some last night at dinner and making jerky from the rest. I have been struggling to eat anything protein related so far through this pregnancy up until recently, so my husband has been nagging at me to make jerky so that I have some to eat. This took a few hours, probably 5 in total, possibly more, I wasn’t really paying attention to it, I just knew when I could take it out of the dehydrator!

2016-27-3--11-58-382016-27-3--11-57-27This jerky smells amazing, filled a kilner jar, and has to sit on the side until my husband gets home as I will get complained at if I eat it without him! It tastes so much better than bought stuff, I am going to start experimenting with rubs to make different flavour jerky. Last year was my first year with a dehydrator so I kept things plain and simple, this year I plan to try more interesting things!




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