Sausage, Mushroom and Tomato Pasta

A photo never got taken of this, it was on a night where the boy had cubs and things never run quite as smoothly on those nights! However I want to remember we made it, even though I always write a note about how nice or nasty a recipe is, I still then have to happen to flick past the same recipe again when looking for recipes. This is ridiculously simple, which I seem to think of most of the recipes I have made this week, perhaps soon things will get a bit more adventurous, at the moment I am still trying to just make sure I cook and eat a proper meal once a day. The link is here, sausage, tomato and mushroom pasta. This meal is simple, quick, tasty and yet another one I normally have the ingredients in for. My boys like this too and my husband has taken left overs for lunch and as normal, it reheats well and is ok second time round. I guess it could be eaten cold once cooked too, but there isn’t any left now to try that!


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