Gammon with Pineapple Salsa


My boys love gammon, they love bacon, they love sausages, perhaps we should invest in a pig farm as I’m pretty sure they would happily eat it every breakfast lunch and dinner if I let them! Gammon has been an absolute no so far this year, the smell and taste have repulsed me, it just wasn’t pleasant, they were getting withdrawal symptoms though, so I thought I would brave it again. Normally as a bog standard dinner in this house, it would be tinned pineapple cooked in butter and brown sugar just like my mum does, however, on our hunts through recipe books, me and the boy found a recipe that looked interesting, sounded good, and since he has decided he likes chilli and asks me to add extra if things aren’t hot enough, was good for all of us. Again, this comes from a BBC Good Food recipe book and there is a link on the website, gammon and pineapple salsa. We think we added a bit too much coriander, but it was still incredibly tasty and a nice change to the normal things we do with gammon.


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