Tortellini and Pesto Minestrone

My son had a parents evening the other day, appointment at 4.50pm just be awkward, dinner time! So a quick and easy dinner was a must, this recipe was a bit of a gamble as the boy is most definitely not a cabbage fan, he will eat it, but he would really rather not bother, this is an improvement on 2 years ago though when he would probably have completely turned his nose up at it and not eaten it just to annoy me! However, now, as a nine and a half year old who is currently grateful to just be being fed proper food again, he ate it, all of it, and the extra tortellini I left. I have two dustbins in my house, the boy and the husband are always happy to clear my leftovers just to save it from the bin! This is a good thing, food waste is atrocious, but that’s a whole different blog post!

2016-24-3--10-28-37This recipe was from a BBC Good Food recipe book again, however, unlike the sizzling pepper chicken salad, there is a recipe for this one on their website! So here it is, Tortellini and Pesto Minestrone. This recipe was ridiculously simple, the thing that probably took the longest was shredding the spring greens, but a bit more organisation on my part and this normally would have been done in advance. This to me is a perfect standby dinner, I always have frozen peas in the freezer, the pasta can be frozen and a jar of pesto in the fridge is a bit of a staple in this house. The boy suggested we could swap the spring greens for broccoli which I agree would work, just a slight adaptation in cooking times and we would be well away with a meal ready in around 10 minutes. We used Tesco Basics spinach and ricotta tortellini and in all honesty it was ok, not the nicest tortellini I’ve ever eaten, but when is store bought ever as good as homemade from scratch?



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