Two Days In A Row!


Well, it’s an improvement on the normal one blog post in six months, it is purely because it is an excuse to sit on the sofa with a cuppa, my laptop, headphones in and the music from Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance on! I realise this is incredibly sad, but hey, who cares right? Whatever makes me happy is fine by me! I have however decided recently, that although regrets in life are completely pointless, in general things you regret can’t be fixed or changed for whatever reason. Personally, I wish I had been to see Lord of the Dance with Michael Flatley actually in it, as good as it was without him, it would have been a nice thing to tick off my non-existant bucket list.

Today was a midwife visit, the husband was all excited to hear the heartbeat of our little Fuzz, I’m not completely sure he trusts me when I tell him it’s all ok as I can feel the little thing wiggling! I actually went through my drawers of clothes today and yanked out the things that aren’t going to fit me for the next few months, it’s slightly depressing to put them all in a vacuum bag and shove them under the bed, however, any excuse for new clothes is a good one, well sometimes, I personally actually hate shopping, especially when no shops actually sell maternity stuff really. I have ranted lots about this recently. To me it seems illogical that of all the sections shops seem to avoid stocking, or choose not to have space for, maternity always seems to be the one, even though surely the whole getting fat and growing a comical belly and boobs that not everyone always has would mean that they are probably the people who want to try stuff on the most! But apparently I am alone in this, I guess my aversion to online clothes shopping is also a problem in this as I don’t want to have to order lots of different sizes, and styles, pay for them all, collect them, try them return what I don’t want etc etc, it just seems like a bit of a faff! Maybe this is partly because of the few maternity bits I’ve tried on, some I fit a UK12 perfectly, other a UK14, and I haven’t even dared to try tops yet, I’m one of those women who finds something I like, buy a few versions of the same thing and stick to it! This does mean that the only tops I own are size 10 vest tops, which anyone who knows me will think is ridiculous,  but anything bigger is baggy on some bits, so god knows what I am going to end up with in the next few months!

Apparently I am in the mood to rant, that’s ok with me, writing down rants is surely much healthier than letting them fester inside! It’s like that thing of writing down worries so they go away, typing, and then for some stupid reason, publishing stuff like this is therapeutic. The house we live in is too small, I hate the lack of proper garden, it’s paved, badly, and as it’s a rental we can’t do anything to make any of it more practical. I mean, who blocks off the underneath of the stairs and doesn’t put a cupboard there, somewhere for me to hide my hoover and things! Anyway, we have been looking at new houses, and the husband at new jobs, not that he doesn’t love his, he doesn’t get weekends and that means he barely sees the boy and family time is a real rarity that when it happens, he is so tired we don’t really do much! Our social life hardly exists also, so yeh, a new job is a step in the right direction. However, this makes house hunting really difficult! Our son loves the school he is in, they have a massive range of after school clubs which he goes to as many as he possibly can, he is on the eco council, today he is part of a debating team for his school and he is loved by the teachers, he is one of those kids, the ones who try darn hard even if they can’t do it, he is polite and pretty darn awesome (I am his mother, I am allowed to be proud of what and who he is becoming!). His Cub Scout group is brilliant also, and so we don’t want to move him away from these things, but that limits job searches and house hunts, and currently, there are no houses around here! Not in our price range or an improvement on what we have at the moment anyway.

The music has moved on to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, this is my “chill out” playlist, basically the stuff I remember from childhood I guess. Lord of the Dance was a video I watched at my Grandma’s and have loved ever since, Tubular Bells was my Dad’s choice and got played in the car when he was sick of my story tapes! After this comes Enya who I remember being played by my Mum sometimes while she cleaned.

I actually don’t think I have anything else to rant about, which must be a good thing, life can’t be too bad if all I have to complain about are the lack of maternity clothes in shops and the lack of nice houses to rent near me!

The husband has been off for three days this week, he has to work Easter Sunday so gets an extra day off this week, then a random Monday next week, but then he gets 8 days off, in the Easter holidays, me and the boy literally cannot wait! My son wants to fight with nerf swords and axes, I just want an excuse to go out for a day on my own, or send them out with instructions not to come home until they are covered in mud and it is dark!


And breathe! Ranting and random burbling done for today thank goodness, because even I don’t really want to read all of that so well done if you got this far! The boy is at coding club tonight, so will finish school in a bit, then it’s gammon with a pineapple salsa and potato wedges for tea, we will eat proper food in this house through the rest of my pregnancy, no matter how bad it makes me feel cooking it! I just have to remember this next time round, maybe I should keep the book I write my weekly menus in and just use it again next time round!


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