Sizzling Pepper Chicken Salad

Normally I cook absolutely everything from scratch, however, the last few months haven’t been that way, cooking has been a real challenge, either I can’t think of anything to make, or what I cook smells horrible to me or I end up pushing it around my plate and wishing I just hadn’t bothered. However, the other day I wrote a menu, I sat with the boy and went through some of our recipe books looking for the things that sound interesting.

Sizzling pepper chicken salad was the first thing on our menu, it’s from a Bbc Good Food Recipe book I have, I have looked but it isn’t on the website so I can’t link it here. The recipe was a mixture of boiled new potatoes, red peppers, chicken strips rolled in ground black pepper, cucumber and Italian salad dressing. After frying the chicken, add the potatoes to warm them and then pour in dressing so that you end up with a warmed mixture, pour this over the rest of the salad and there you have it! We added avocado and tomatoes and the Italian dressing was actually a home made mixture rather than something from a bottle with masses of added salt!


For the first time in ages I had seconds of a meal I had cooked!! It smelt yummy, tasted even better and was decided to be as good as our family favourite of Warm Chicken and Bacon Salad which I haven’t made in ages, but will have to add to my menu!


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