It is absolutely official….


I do not stick to it when I say I am going to blog religiously, it just does not happen, perhaps I need to stop kidding myself! However, now I have the capability again, a slightly less slow computer, and still get to live the very lucky life of luxury of a housewife (I make it sound like it’s all fun and games, yes lots of cups of tea get drunk, but there is more to it than that!), you never know I may stick to it this time, especially seeing as the future is bright, it’s not orange, I hope, but it may well be blue…or pink…we just don’t know, but Baby Fuzz is due September, I get to be the proud mummy of two!

After a few months of feeling horrendous I actually feel slightly human again thank goodness, I haven’t cooked, let alone baked for ages up until about a week ago when I made cornflake tart, treacle tart and a quiche all in one day, very adventurous of me! I also discovered that I have to plan meals way in advance, no more of this winging it and just bunging stuff in a pan because the idea of most food makes me feel a tad queasy, the joys of pregnancy! 23 and a half weeks to go, then finally, blue cheese and possibly a very large gin and something!

This is the most random and pointless blog post tonight, but I feel I should occasionally touch base seeing as my last post was 5 months ago, and when I get into it I love blogging, it means my husband has to deal with less waffle, and that always has to be a good thing because to be fair, the guy puts up with a lot and at the moment I don’t even make up for it in cake!

I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but blogging is an escape for me, not that I need one, but shoving headphones in and writing a long blog post is sometimes just what I need! I love being sat at a computer, typing, two super relaxing things at once, music and blogging, heaven! However, tonight I have Geordie Shore on in the background, nothing like drunk people on tv when I can’t drink!

On a positive, slightly excited note, I love that my cornflake tart recipe is a pin on Pinterest, yup, I’m easily pleased!

Anyway, that’s all, until next time!


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