Homemade Bath Bombs

I love being able to make exciting things, bath bombs are my new favourite, they are so simple but feel like they should be complicated.


Rosehip, made with rosehip tea, dried rosehip and a tiny bit of natural red food colouring


Mint, made purely with dried, foraged wild mint.

100g citric acid
50g cornflour
150g bicarbonate soda
2tsp oil (coconut, olive, almond, any you like really)
Enough tea or water to bind it all together
Essential oil if you want

Sift the dry ingredients together. Add the oil, stir. Add essential oil or anything else you want in your bath bombs at this stage. Finally, slowly add the liquid, it will fizz because of the bicarb, keep stirring and just believe it will be ok! Put it in a mould, I use silicone cake cases in general. Don’t fill them too full, they do continue to fizz and grow. Keep an eye on them and press them back down into the cases until they are hard.


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