12043199_10156103475300258_7041304293377677382_nThe other day I went for a walk in a forest not far from me with the plan of finding mushrooms, not that we eat any of them, they are the one thing I am too nervous to forage, just in case I miss identify something and make everyone ill! However, I want to get over this fear and so picking and attempting to identify them is the first step I am taking, one day I will hopefully get on a few mushroom courses or befriend someone who knows a lot about wild mushrooms and steal their knowledge. Alas, this has not happened yet!


Pretty sure, this photo and the one below is a Beefsteak Fungus. Please tell me if I’m wrong!




I found something that said this is a witches egg, the immature egg stage of the stinkhorn fungus, you can see it cut in half in a lower picture. Again, tell me if you think I’m wrong!



A Bolete of some kind










Even though I don’t have the guts to pick and eat them…mushrooms in a weird way are incredibly pretty!

Also, if you do know/have an inkling as to what the mushrooms are, please comment, I am not going to go out and pick lots just because someone says they are edible, but I do want to learn and all help and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

We did, however pick sloes…lots of sloes! But that is a whole other blog post!


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