Friday, Friends and Fringes

So, the fringes thing is a lie, but it was all I could think of that referred to hair and started with an “F”!
Today is Friday, my husband was off work, he has silly rolling days off, for once, we relaxed, he painted models and I read and tidied up a little. These are the days I love as a housewife, when I can do little because the house is ok and everyone is fed and watered!
Dinner was made by our friend, and my husband actually filled the dishwasher, so no washing up for me, yay!
Most excitingly, the fringe bit of the title, I had my hair cut for the first time in about 6 months, our friend is/was a hair dresser, and god love her for it! I now have almost as much blonde in my hair as I can have without being a full on blonde. However, I am writing this post on my phone, sat on the sofa watching a program about truffle hunters, and the camera doesn’t want to capture the awesomeness of my newly bleached hair, so no photo! I love it, nothing else matters.

One random thing before I post this…our friend, who is Yorkshire born and bred, had never heard the word piggle until today, maybe it’s a Nottinghamshire word!


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