I restart this blog all the time, I must stick at it for once!

I used to blog about baking, then I realised my life was about more than that, I am a mum to a wonderful son, wife to the absolute love of my life and a housewife. In our mind, his job is to go to work and earn the money, my son’s is to go to school, and mine is to do everything else. Those of you who think the life of a housewife is an easy one should try it for a month or so! We don’t get a break, everyone is always making a mess and needs feeding and keeping alive, but that is the choice we made, and as a housewife, I accept enjoy/love this. I would never claim to be a stereotypical 50s housewife, I don’t have the perfect hair, clothes and make up, and my house isn’t always immaculate, but in reality I don’t think their houses were either, it is just an idealised view on the era that people seem to have. However, I do think it’s fair that I have a meal ready for my husband when he gets home and that I don’t expect him to do much other than eat, relax and sleep once he is home from work. The rest of it is my business. (He will love to see that in writing, he can now bring out this blog whenever I have a day where I expect him to do something!!) Saying that, he is pretty good at chipping in when needed, and my son is well trained when it comes to washing up, drying up and making the occasional meal.

I was planning on writing this blog as a kind of diary for a while to see if I was actually going to stick to it this time, as I haven’t done the last few times I re-started it, but sitting here typing is actually pretty nice, hence the long, burbling post!!





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