I am not quite sure how my little family of three manages it, but we have far too much stuff! Even though we got married just over 2 months ago, I still have a small pile of wedding related paraphernalia sat in my living room with no home to go to!

I “declutter” probably 4 times a year and it never seems to last very long, no matter what I do we are one of those families that just have too many things and not enough homes to put them in!

My husband is a die hard Games Workshop hobbyist, our third bedroom is packed to the rafters with boxes, cases, display cases, paints and more paint brushes than anyone would believe. He also has a ridiculous DVD collection that he will not part from for love nor money, they just seem to be another part of the family for some reason!

My son is a typical 9 year old with more toys, games and books than we can fit in our house! But who can begrudge him the things he loves? Not me obviously!

Luckily, none of us have a clothes obsession or anything, but my kitchen is full, and filling with more and more things constantly, in general if I buy something, it’s by Joseph Joseph, I have a slight obsession which I get giggled at for often! My excuse is that all the things in the kitchen are useful and get used, no one complains about the food I make, so cupboards exploding with things is justified!

My mass clear outs have become normal in this house, I want to be minimalist, but just could never get that far! I have days where I am of the opinion there are many things more important than having a spotless home, life is too short!


One thought on “Decluttering….Again!

  1. I think it’s more related to the fact that a cluttered home makes you feel overwhelmed and cannot function as normal. If one can be perfectly happy and productive in the clutter, then definitely there is no need to be a minimalist. It’s about being happy and that is relative from person to person.

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