Vine Weevil Larvae

This is a blog post I was trying to avoid, but unless I write a random pile of drivel today, then I won’t blog as nothing exciting is being made or done in this house today, we are shattered!

Anyway, mother’s day this weekend was spent in a normal fashion, the other half was at work, so the little one and I went into the garden to do some skipping and random gardening, however it all went pear shaped when I discovered vine weevil larvae in my strawberry planter. I expected to only find a few, but after a couple of hours gradually tipping it out with my son, we found 300!! They make my skin crawl if I’m honest…


Normally, a few bugs don’t bother me, being brought up by my family, you couldn’t really get squeamish when my mum was squishing caterpillars and dad was going out hunting for slugs in the evening, a normal childhood in my world! However, i couldn’t bring myself to squish them! I would have loved to be able to put them out somewhere for the birds, but there just isn’t anywhere in my garden I can do this! So my son and I poured boiling water on them, a way to make sure they were well and truly dead and not going to attack any more of my plants!! Not that I am protective, but that many in one planter is a tad unfair!


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