The lost rhubarb

Over the winter, I emptied most of the pots in my garden, ready to plant new and exciting things in them this year, the excess compost all went in out garden waste wheelie bin (seeing as they have now decided to charge us to take away our garden waste and I refuse to pay seeing as I would compost if I had the space…so I now tend to send it home with my parents when they come to visit! Anyway, save that rant for another time!!) I realised about 2 months ago that I had NO idea where my rhubarb crowns had ended up! They were in pots, but I had emptied most of them, I thought they were lost. Not that this seems significant, but it was blooming annoying. However, when heading to half fill a pot with old compost before planting things into it and using some better compost on the top, I opened my wheelie bin to find….


Slight excitement at 8am, and the day before I noticed one coming up in a pot!! they are found, life is good again…amazing how two leaves can make a person so happy!



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