Seed Sowing

Those of you who know me, or who have followed this blog before, (when I actually used to post on it!), know that I love plants! If they are edible that’s even better. I don’t believe in plants that do not have a practical use, whether it be that they provide me with pretty cut flowers, or food, or herbs or just something that smells nice, generic boring plants annoy me. Maybe this is because I lack in planting space so much, I can’t have space taken up by things that I don’t have a need for, It makes me picky, but this year, means I will probably end up with lots of extra plants that I will need to palm off on someone at some point!

We currently can’t use my kitchen table, as there are two very full mini greenhouses next to it, trying to make the most of the south facing doors, and basically getting in the way! I am trying to get my little seedlings all the help I can before it is warm enough for them to go into the garden. Because I live in a rented house, with a horrible paved back garden, I am limited to just using containers, I have lots from last year, and will, no doubt have a lot more by the end of this year. The change this year is that instead of relying on my parents for plants, I am growing a lot from seed, I hate that stage of the growing process, I’m impatient. This year, when I sowed my sweet peas, I wandered off for about an hour then had to come back and look just in case they had started to sprout. I’m not stupid, I knew they wouldn’t have, but a girl can hope!

So far this year, I have sown:

  • Royal Mixed Sweet Peas
  • Old Fashioned Mixed Sweet Peas
  • Robert Uvedale Sweet Peas
  • Mixed Tall Cornflowers
  • Lavender – Munstead Strain
  • Mimulus Magic Mixed
  • Mixed Cosmos
  • Gypsophila Paniculata
  • Aster Red Ribbon
  • Godetia Azalea Double Mixed
  • Marigolds Bolero
  • Cosmos Prche White
  • Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed
  • Oregan Sugar Pod Peas
  • Cucumber Restina
  • Cucumber Marketmore
  • Onion, Spring, White Lisbon
  • Tomato Moneymaker
  • Leek Elefant
  • Pepper Hot Cayenne

And this is probably only half of what I will actually end up with, especially as my dad is Pelican Plants and he always grows extra plants for me and I love that it means I can have lots of different varieties of tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and everything else he will let me have! It’s just a shame I have such a small space and have to leave space for the boys to play nerf swords and things!


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