Homemade strawberry wine Part 2


Firstly, isn’t this colour absolutely brilliant! Truly hoping the finished product ends up a similar kind of colour.

After leaving the squashed strawberries and sugar in a bowl for a couple of days, the time came for stage 2! This involved straining the mixture through a jelly bag to get all the juice out. Initially you add a litre of water so that it strains more easily. Then strain all of it, keep the pulp, add another litre to this and mix, then strain again. Next, add wine yeast and nutrients, I bought packets that did up to 25 litres, so added a fifth of that. You also need to add a teaspoon of citric acid. Mix all of this, easiest way is by shaking your demijohn. Then add enough water to make it up to about a gallon, about an inch from the top seems to have worked for me! Add the bung and bubble trap. Then leave it to do it’s thing! Ours is bubbling like crazy, but as of yet hasn’t escaped out of the top like so many of our wines do! In 6 weeks I will need to put this into a clean demijohn and then leave it until all fermentation has stopped.


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