A quick rummage in a potato sack


Yesterday we had the first roast dinner in forever, because of this I picked some swiss chard. I also had to pick our first courgette, it wasn’t fertilised as we had only a femal flower open that day, today we have both male and female!


I also thinned out the carrots and came up with one decentish tiny one. Excitement and impatience also got the better of me and so I had a rummage in one of our potato sacks, just to check there was something in there! I found one golf ball sized potato and then stopped looking. We also had mangetout peas again, they seem to be pretty much daily. I emptied our fist tub of lettuce and sprinkled a whole load of seeds on it. We now have lots of strawberries setting and flowering.


The sweet peas are just starting to flower.


We have lots of set tomatoes.


And our lillies are flowering too!


All in all, I love finally having a garden, it will be even better when I don’t have to grow everything in pots!!


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