A little trip to the market, a long stagger home!

Today is market day in our town, I save as much of our veg shopping for a Saturday as I can! So we have masses of fruit and veg at the weekend and by Friday I only have the lettuce from the garden and some frozen fruit! I wasn’t expecting to buy much today but after going to the library, buying my one food magazine of the month and getting some more bargain planters for the garden, my son and I staggered home with this little lot!


We will need top up shops from the local grocer this week as I only have mushrooms as a vegetable…and they aren’t even really that! We got a little excited by the fruit and just kept on being handed more and more!
However, the day will now be spent in the garden doing more seeds to keep our crops in our tiny little garden coming regularly! Next week is half term and a visit from my parents will bring cucumber, tomato, pepper, courgette, basil and parsley plants which my amazing dad has been growing for me and a selection of flower seedlings hopefully from my wonderful mum. Along with some more pots and anything else I can convince them to fit in their car! Oh, and a jelly bag and stand!! It is also the malton food festival next weekend, so hopefully I will come home with bags of exciting local stuff! Yum!
The garden is now calling along with a floor that is burning my feet! But I won’t complain, I live in England, in Yorkshire, it is supposed to rain all the time so this gorgeous weather is not something I will grumble about.


Who knows, tonight I might actually snap a photo of the kestral (we think) that was hovering just above those trees last night!!


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