Strawberry Jam and Mixed Fruit Cordial

This afternoon I hoped to be making nettle cordial….however I wussed out! So, mixed fruit cordial was the next best option! The ratio of fruit to cold water to sugar was 20:10:7.

So, I put 500g mixed fruit, this was mostly black currants, a few strawberries and a few red gooseberries, all from the freezer into a pan with 250ml cold water.


I bubbled this, relatively slowly until it was very mushy. I then squished it some more! Poured this into a sieve, would have added muslin but didn’t have any to hand, and squished it until all of the juice was collected in a jug. I should have left it over night to do it slowly, but I have never been the most patient of people!
I put this juice back into a pan and added 175g granulated sugar. I warmed this slowly until it had all dissolved then removed it from the heat and poured it back into a jug.


It was very hot and steamy! But, mixed with water this is yummy!!

I also decided to attempt jam making, I had to do a small batch, very small really, as I was running out of sugar!

So, 100g sugar, 100g strawberries all in a pan, bubbling!


Cooked until it blupped rather than bubbled! Checked it set on a plate


and then put it in a dish.


It is yummy! So proud of myself and it was all so simple! Tomorrow I will be off out to get more sugar…..I want to try making mint cordial!


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