The wormery

I hate throwing away food waste, every time I throw peelings into the bin it makes me feel a little bit sick! Because of this, I constructed a wormery. I will post a blog later about how I did it, but for now, I just want to keep track of how it’s doing. (yes this is slightly off topic from baking, but my blog, my rules! And I’d never keep two blogs going!)
Anyhow, I bought some worms off eBay, this still feels like a strange concept to me! And then I plonked them into my wormery.


I said plonked, I meant plonked, they came in a bag and I just emptied it in! Within 20 minutes they had all wriggled away!


Today I made an amazing discovery which had my little boy bouncing round like mad! Eggs, I assume, and a definitely much smaller worm.


There were no eggs when my worms arrived so I can only assume that this hatched in ny wormery!


This is the whole wormery today.



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