A Gingerbread Hobbit Hole

My partner and son are both OBSESSED with the hobbit! We actually had tantrums as we couldn’t see it on release day! So it seemed only fitting that instead of a bog standard gingerbread house, ours needed that little something extra….

Mind you, it took hours and was propped up firstly molding the roof and then sticking it all together. I also dread to think how much icing is on there! I made 3 egg whites worth of royal icing….so that’s 750g of sugar! And a whole bag of Murray mints for the path! The recipe this time came from here. It was perfectly nice, not quite as nice as the one from a couple of posts ago.
Anyway, a good couple of hours icing all the dwarves and Gandalf and Bilbo with the help of my partner and I uve to say I we pretty proud! I now don’t want it eating!!


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