The Tigger Cake

Yet again, my plan of posting more regularly didn’t happen, surprise surprise! However, as wonderful as my partner is, he is a nerd and sometimes the amount of Star Trek and The Walking Dead we have on our tv kills me, so tonight I have been relegated to our spare room with the choice of painting an army, building an army…or digging out my pc. I went for that option, so am currently squished in a corner, my feet are tingling and my legs are going dead due to lack of circulation! However,  it does mean that I am writing this…my first post in far too long!

Anyway, last month was my best friend’s birthday and as she is amazing, we went back to Nottingham for her birthday party, and because she is also a baker, I made her a cake, she also loves Tigger. So I made a Tigger for her cake, stupidly I made this in my house…so then had to drive back to Nottingham with it in a box padded out with kitchen paper!

wpid-IMAG2782.jpg wpid-IMAG2783.jpg

This was the process, it involved a lot of spaghetti and orange food colouring paste! However, the result was worth it:
wpid-IMAG2855.jpg wpid-IMAG2860.jpg

Since this, not a lot of baking has happened, apart from the obvious mince pies, mince pie cakes (last year’s are here) and today I made gingerbread men (this recipe) (and also not just men, women, girls and boys too!), however they do need icing still, although I am not sure they will last that long, the mince pies especially! I think Christmas is my favourite time of year to bake.

wpid-IMAG2949.jpg wpid-IMAG2948.jpg wpid-IMAG2947.jpg

The little one helped with the mince pies….but personally, I like that he wants to help, even if I end up with more awkward washing up in the process!
Also, this year I am going to make a yule log rather than a Christmas cake, if I find time that is! I hope I do! I am attempting to be stupidly organised, the carrots are already parboiled and frozen, and by the end of the weekend the same will be true of the potatoes and the stuffing balls will be made! Fingers crossed xmas will be simple this year and full of playing with the little ones new toys and drinking far too much mulled wine!


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