A Squig Birthday Cake!

Again I have been roped into making a cake for my boyfriend’s shop! It was the store birthday at his new store, so they got a Squig! For those not in the know, a Squig is a crazy red/orange monster thing. It was all a bit of a rush, but the end result had the desired effect.

So, after making a six egg cake mix, I baked it in a large pudding basin and a mini loaf tin. After it cooled, I cut it and covered it in buttercream to make it all the right shape!

2013-08-30 13.26.16

I then covered it in roll out fondant icing and added extra pieces for the features.

2013-08-30 14.35.32

Then I painted it all with watered down food colouring, the end result was:

2013-08-30 15.40.35


3 thoughts on “A Squig Birthday Cake!

  1. This is a great blog! It’s been fun checking out all of your creations, and I definitely have to try out those Chelsea buns. They look divine! Have you thought about creating a recipe index for your site? That might make it easier for people to access/search your super cool creations. If you are interested there is a link that I can send you. It’s for a wordpress tutorial that I followed to make my own recipe index.

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