Catching up….


So, I haven’t posted in a ridiculously long time, this is because since my last post, we have visited York, found a house in a gorgeous town about 20 miles north east, faffed around getting paperwork signed and convinced letting agents we are who we say we are! My boyfriend worked in York for 2 weeks leaving me stuck in our rubbish old flat packing a million things, only for him to come back to help and be about as useful as a chocolate teapot! Then the van was too small for our stuff….then the journey was spent trying to work out where the roads were supposedly closed (turns out it was in Scotland but they warned us in Sheffield!), a lot of panic for nothing…we lost the pipe for our washing machine, our tin opener and our bikes are still at my parents! The shower doesn’t do hot water (but a lovely man is coming to fix it tomorrow), the front door didn’t lock (this was fixed on Monday, thank god), both our sinks leaked (already fixed by already mentioned lovely man), oh and a bit of our bedroom floor fell through (now fixed, no more random piece of wood to stub my toe on)!!

BUT….I have never been happier! A trip to Scarborough, a trip to the moors, some amazing local food and beer, we actually have a garden, we have a steam train that goes past our back garden and the little one can see nothing but horses and trees from his window, oh, and a hotel which has a celebrity chef’s restaurant in!


So worn out my boyfriend fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs!


The steam train!


Our sandcastle creation!


Our trip to the moors!

Oh….and I actually fitted in some baking…..I made donuts for the first time ever!!


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