Our BIG New Adventure

When I started this blog, it was purely for me to record my baking adventures, now though, there is a whole different adventure going on in our house! We are moving, not just round the corner, but 90 miles away! I’ve told the little one we can make a scrapbook, a blog page and a million posts about it is my version I suppose.

Currently we live in Nottingham, England….in the next couple of months we will be moving to York! My amazing other half got a new job, in a bigger store with more opportunities, so we are off! Firstly we need a house, then we have to find the boy a school, me a job, a whole new life for all of us!

I have to say I’m terrified, moving miles away from our friends and family will be a bit crazy, but so amazing that we have to just leap at the opportunity! I currently can’t decide whether to adapt this blog to include this adventure or create a new one to keep our friends and family up to date!

Monday is road trip day! We are going to take the little one to York and show him how cool it will be to live there! And then we have to get down to business and visit a million and one estate agents! The following week I think we will be going back again to actually look at houses, and then it’s decision time!

Wish us luck!!


2 thoughts on “Our BIG New Adventure

  1. Moving is a great adventure. It can be fun to explore new places and make new friends. You’ll probably discover great new things about your new home that the natives didn’t know existed.

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