Mug Cakes Take 2

Last night was another of those nights where we all wanted pudding but had nothing all that exciting in! So mug cakes were made again, although this time, we had orange, raisin and banana ones, they were yummy. However, I think I will add less butter next time as it dribbled out of the top of the mug and made a puddle in my microwave!


1 Egg
4tbsp Self raising flour
4tbsp Caster sugar
3tbsp Butter
Orange essense, raisins and banana to taste
1. Mix together all the ingredients in a very large mug.
2. Microwave for around 4-5 minutes. They can rise ridiculously so keep an eye on them!


3. Serve! Sometimes they come out of the mug…but it doesn’t really matter if they do or not! This is a massive helping for one, possibly better shared.



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