Pond Dipping and Fort Building…A Typical Day at Mum and Dad’s

Yesterday was a brilliant day! It was spent at my parent’s house, we were in the garden from the second we arrived! The dodgy British weather, for once, held out and because of that we he loads of fun! The little man played and ran around like a looney, until weeding around the pond was suggested, which then turned into pond dipping!! And we found….6 newts, a full grown frog, 2 baby frogs, hundreds of snails and tadpoles and some weird shrimp-like things!




After a lot of pond dipping….he wanted a fort, which my dad created, kind of, as grandparents should do! The little one was very pleased with it anyway!


But I feel this is how children should spend their weekends, pond dipping, fort builsding, running around like a mad thing and generally just getting messy! The fact he had muddy knees by then end of the day made it a massive success to me! Hopefully in a week’s time when our family visits from Canada, the weather will be good enough that all the kids can end up even more messy!


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