Whoopie Pies (Chocolate and Peppermint)

2013-03-01 10.29.36

For ages I have been meaning to make some of the whoopie pies from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book I have, but I hadn’t got around to it. However, finally, I have made some, and they were pretty good. The mixture was a bit weird, very thick and it felt a bit odd putting yoghurt in it, anyone have any idea what difference the yoghurt makes, it seems a bit of a faff as I don’t normally have natural yoghurt in!. The filling was nice, it has marshmallow fluff in it, although I am not sure I would have known this if I hadn’t been the one to make them! I tinted the filling green and added peppermint essence so that we could have peppermint and chocolate whoopie pies! By the time my friends and family had eaten some and I finally got around to taking a photo, there was only one left, so it looks a bit lonely!!


2013-03-04 11.04.44


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