Rocky Road – Pud Style :)

Having a six year old means a lot of things at Christmas, but the most annoying bit for me is the amount of chocolate we end up with! My boyfriend doesn’t particularly like the stuff, I hate it being around because it’s too tempting to leave, and to get rid of it all, my son would only eat chocolate for about 3 months, and by then it’s Easter! So to fill a boring Sunday afternoon when the weather was typically British and shocking, we made rocky road, well, kind of! I made the little man peel the wrappers off hundreds of chocolate santas and coins and balls and goodness knows what else! We searched through the rest of the Christmas sweets and found and random ones and any he wasn’t keen on. Melted the chocolate, chopped the sweets up, added dried apple pieces, raisins, broken biscuits, chopped up marshmallows and some cornflakes for good measure! Squished it all into a tin and put it in the fridge! Somehow, having a massive chunk of this felt less naughty than eating a single chocolate coin! It was so yummy!! And the best bit was getting to lick chocolate off the spoon at the end, it’s just a shame I have to share that pleasure with my son now!!

2013-03-04 11.06.18


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