I Can Do More Than Just BAKE!

Being the kind of person I am, I feel buying presents is a little bit last year, I much prefer to make them, and it keeps me quiet which my other half is always grateful of!

So, knowing that there would be two gorgeous, screaming little additions to our family within just a couple of weeks, I decided to knit them each a present. The fact we didn’t know if either of them were pink or blue meant that when I raided my mum’s massive stockpile of wool I had to go for the multicoloured ones, either that or we were looking at yellow, and I have to say that wasn’t a very exciting prospect! So, the older niece got this
And the younger one got this!


4 thoughts on “I Can Do More Than Just BAKE!

  1. Sienna will look gorgeous in hers! Cannot wait till she fits it! Xxx another lovely prezzie from auntie Alice and uncle Scott! Xxx

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